You can never have too much bandwidth. Even when you have more than you need, it’s never enough because there’s always 4k YouTube to watch. Afrihost’s set of double announcements about doubling their bandwidth is exactly the kind of news that we like to see here at

After Afrihost admitted that it was costing the company too much money to continue offering double data on their mobile data packages at the end of May, the ISP has now begun offering the double data deal again which is set to be revised at the end of December when the company will decide whether or not to kill the promotion once again.

All packages from the Mobile Two which, as its name so creatively alludes to, offers 2GB of mobile data through MTN’s network each month although that will now be doubled to 4GB of data. It means that the lowest price per GB will be just R24.85 for the Mobile Ten package. (A bargain, in my opinion…)

Afrihost Mobile Double Data

The second double data deal that’s been extended is the ADSL double data deal – it was set to expire at the end of September but has now also been given a new revision date for the end of the year. The data, which can be used at any time of the day, is automatically added to customer’s account cap and can still be topped up from R5 per GB.

Afrihost ADSL DOuble Data

As an Afrihost customer myself, I’m happy that I will still be getting the ADSL double data deal but what do you think about it? Tell us below.