[htxt.africast] Episode 6: Free gaming fun

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Tiana Cline and Deon Du Plessis join Brett Haggard on today’s africast for a chat about Samsung’s sponsorship of free matric Maths and Science revision workshops and the launch of the Eskom desktop and mobile app.

In anticipation of the weekend however, the focus is on free and budget games, as the team talks about a week’s worth of free Battlefield 4 gaming, some budget gaming from Good Old Games and what the teaser about the resurrection of the Sierra Games franchise could mean for us older game geeks.

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Brett Haggard

Brett Haggard

Brett is the founder of Hypertext. He's been covering the technology industry for so long, he's seen old technology be 'respun' as the next big thing one too many times. He started Hypertext in 2002 and quite frankly hasn't looked back (although he often longs for the days when a steady salary, sick days and leave were a given). Currently uses: 13-inch Macbook Air, iPhone 12 Mini, iPad 8.