SA women have less access to internet than men, but use social media more

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A recent study put out by market research firm Ipsos has found that South African women have slightly less access to internet than men, but access social media more than their male counterparts.

A total of 3 730 personal face-to-face interviews were conducted in the homes and home languages of randomly selected adult South Africans. Of the people interviewed, 33% women said they have access to internet, compared to 35% men. On the other hand, 83% of the women said they accessed social media, while only 78% of the men said the same.

Facebook is equally popular with both men and women, with both indicating they accessed the social network the most, WhatsApp is the second most popular social network among women, and Twitter is the second most popular for men.

Other findings from the research include, among others:

  • 21% women still believe that boys have more rights to education than girls
  • 23% women believe when jobs are scarce, men have more rights to jobs than women
  • 34% of both men and women believe women should be kept in their place
  • 22% women believe their place is in the house , with 27% of men agreeing with this sentiment
  • 58% of South Africans believe there has been a great improvement in the area of women’s rights in the last 20 years
  • 41% women said they are somewhat interested in politics and 23% said they are very interested in politics. 
  • In the recent elections, 53% of the registered voters were women

[Source – Ipsos, Image – Shutterstock]