It might be a small aspect, but can you imagine a Wikipedia page without images? Well, those pictures have to come from somewhere and if they aren’t readily available, someone has to go out and take a photo of it to upload to Wikimedia.

In an effort to drive picture-taking for Wikipedia, Wikimedia South Africa has launched Wiki Loves Monuments in South Africa, which aims to get users on their feet, into the streets and to start snapping images of monuments and historical sites to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of these important locations – and to win prizes.

But this is no ordinary photography competition, as it has been certified by the Guinness World Records for three consecutive years as the world’s largest photography competition.

“Wikimedia South Africa will be awarding prizes to the value of R10 000, R6 500, and R4 000 in photographic vouchers from ORMS, for the best three photographs of sites listed by the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA),” Wikimedia South Africa announced.

But for astute statue-watchers, they will know that not all historic sites are registered by SAHRA, so a special category has been created specifically for them. Photos of ‘Proposed Monuments’ that can be submitted with a justification of why the particular site is of historical importance. The prizes for ‘Proposed Monuments’ are photographic vouchers from ORMS to the value of R3 000 and R1 500 for the best two photographs of Proposed Monument Sites.

“Worldwide, Wiki Loves Monuments attracted over 11 943 participants from 52 countries in 2013, thousands of whom had never contributed to a Wikimedia project before. These participants uploaded over 360 000 photographs, including over 6 400 from South Africa. The photographs are made available for use under free license, for use on Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. The contest, which was originally organised in the Netherlands in 2010, will be held in over 33 countries this year,” Wikimedia South Africa.

You can see the photos that were submitted last year uploaded here and a last year’s winning photographs here. To enter in your photos, head over to Good luck.

[Source – Wikimedia South Africa, Image – Bloemfontein Women’s Memorial by Carl Viloria]
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