Not only will South Africans get the Xbox One later this month, they’ll also get EA Access, the subscription service from Electronic Arts that gives Xbox One gamers a bunch of games and perks for monthly fee of around R55 a month.

This has been officially confirmed by EA, who put out a press release yesterday announcing as much. Better than just this, they also confirmed that Need for Speed Rivals will be added to the roster of games being offered through EA Access, along with two new trials (FIFA 15 and NHL 15). That’s a pretty nice welcome for people from the 19 additional countries the service will roll out to.

Trials are membership-specific perks that let gamers try full versions of upcoming games for six hours each; those games can also be played five days before the official release date should gamers take the plunge and pre-purchase them.

Personally I’m happy to see EA working to win local gamers over, and while the service’s initial line-up didn’t immediately fill me with joy (probably because I own most of them and don’t yet have an Xbox One), I’m very happy to see Rivals being added as it says to me that EA is committed to continually improving the service’s appeal. I look forward to seeing what else they add in the future.

[Source, Image – Electronic Arts]