Excited for Destiny’s September 9 launch date? Want to stand a chance to win some of the best Destiny-related loot including a “Glacier White” PlayStation 4 and an extra copy for a friend? Then you’ll want to enter the competition being run by Megarom, the game’s local distributor, for the Ghost Edition pack plus a bunch of added extras.

Here’s what you could walk away with in exchange for your contact details:

  • A “Glacier White” PlayStation 4. Man, that thing sure is purty.
  • Not one, but TWO copies of Destiny for PS4 so you don’t have to adventure alone.
  • The Destiny Expansion Pass – Bungie’s fancy way of saying “Season Pass” – that gives you two future expansion packs that will have new levels to explore, weapons and armour to collect and use.
  • A motion-sensing replica of Destiny’s Ghost, the hovering bot-thingy that helps you out in the game.
  • A field guide to the game’s arms and armaments.
  • Postcards from the Earth’s future-for-us-but-past-in-the-game golden age.
  • Golden age “relics”.
  • A seriously gorgeous-looking steelbook case containing the game disc.
  • An antique star chart and a Guardian folio.

That’s a hell of a prize by any measure. You need to be a resident of South Africa, though, and it probably won’t hurt your chances to also opt in to emails from Megarom and PlayStation, but in exchange you stand a chance to win this really cool prize.

The draw date is the 17th of September, 2014, so there’s still plenty of time.

Here’s a very nice image of everything on offer to help motivate you: