With so many games to play on Android and iOS it’s easy to become fatigued by games that look and play rather similarly, so it’s very nice when uniquely interesting ones come along that dare to try to do something a little different. These five games most certainly qualify, and their unique mechanics are guaranteed to make your gaming time all the more enjoyable.


Five Nights at Freddy’s

R32.04 – Android only

If you find toy dolls a bit creepy, this isn’t the game for you. It plays expertly on that sort of unreasonable fear, as your night-shift security guard alter ego guards a pizza joint whose animatronic mascots appear to come alive after dark. You must use the shop’s security cameras to keep track of them using only a limited amount of electricity, and when they aren’t where you left them or the lights go out, you have to prepare to defend yourself as they come for you. Definitely one of the scariest games you can play on mobile right now.

Rating: 5 Stars

 “Creepy, freaky robots
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Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile)

Free (ad-supported) – Android + iOS

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, a game called Piano Tiles is all about accurately hitting tiles that look like piano keys as they speed ever-faster past your fingers. That’s it, really, in the same way that Flappy Bird is all about timing your taps to guide a bird through gaps in pipes. It’s just really hard to do, and you feel quite pleased when you start getting the hang of it. Addictive personalities stay away, this one will eat your spare time like a fat uncle pigs out at family braais.

Rating: 5 Stars

 “A challenge for even the nimblest-fingered!
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R10.66 (Android), R11.99 (iOS)

You want different? Try a game that shows you a mountain, shows you things growing on that mountain and what happens when weather hits that mountain… and that’s it. Want to make time go faster? Play a ditty on the on-screen keyboard. Want to move the camera? Sure, but to what avail? None, and that’s what makes this game what it is. It’s a mountain, and maybe a screensaver, and that’s about it. Daringly avant-garde, or just plain stupid? R10.66/R11.99 and you can find out for yourself.

Rating: 1 Star (Game), 5 Stars (originality)

 “No really, it’s just a mountain
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The Nightmare Cooperative

R49.99, iOS only

Your village has spent recklessly, and it’s up to you and some friends to go and gather some gold from a very unforgiving world, where the wrong move means permadeath. TNC is a roguelike with cute graphics but brutal mechanics that challenge your tactical thinking with clever, puzzle-y combat and a turn-based system that forces all characters to move at the same time. It’s seriously hard to get the gold your village needs, but oh-so-satisfying when you out-think and out-manoeuvre the game’s many dangers.

Rating: 4 Stars

 “Get rich or die trying
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They need to be fed 3

They Need to be Fed 3

R24.99 (iOS), R21.30 (Android)

Platformers that use regular ideas on gravity are so last year. This one has 360-degree gravity so you can walk on anything while avoiding obstacles and enemies, and it’s a very clever and challenging mechanic that’ll hook you from the first leap. The aim is to get yourself to a huge beast and throw yourself into its mouth – a rather pleasant change from the saving the world twaddle peddled by so many other games.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

 “Don’t let the cute fool you, this is hard!
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