Once all the ballyhoo of Apple’s new smartwatch has died down (somewhat) many pundits have been turning their attention elsewhere – and in this case towards the entertainment capabilities of Apple Watch.

Besides for having the luxury of checking who just gave you a missed call, or which colleague sent you an email on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it turns out that the first game developed for Apple Watch will be iArm Wrestle Champs from little-known mobile development studio Flying Tiger Entertainment.

The app isn’t really a game after all, as all it will do is provide the victor (or the loser, depending on who is wearing the watch) with some bells and whistles if they prove themselves to be the strongest arm on the block.

“It’s more of an interactive soundboard that reacts to a real life arm-wrestling match, using the phone (or watch) accelerometer to detect when one player or the other is victorious,” commented Ars Technica.

The “game” will be developed for the competing Android Wear products as well, but if you want to get a head start on what it looks like and how it works (the app, not the watch), then you can download the free Android and iOS version on the respective stores.

“No developer has married smartwatches and gaming in an astounding way just yet, and iArm Wrestle Champs! may not be the title to break that trend. Still, there’s something to be said for being first on the market, and paving the way for titles that come afterward,” wrote Tom’s Guide.

[Source – Ars Technica, Tom’s Guide, Image – Apple]
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