If you (or someone you know) is hurt and needs first aid, you can easily get help, tips and healthcare advice from the many medical apps* that are available on the Google Play Store.

The following five Android apps will come in handy in any of these situations:

Emergency Medicine Guidance

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Price: Free

Created by The Open Medicine Project South Africa, Emergency Medicine Guidance provides you with healthcare tips from experts from experts associated with the Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University. It’s primarily aimed at health workers, but you can also take advantage of the information on hand to locate nearby hospitals or diagnose diseases.

 “Professional medical advice.
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Baby and Child First Aid

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Price: Free

According to Netcare 911, drowning could be preventable, especially among kids, if parents had first aid knowledge and CPR training. The Baby and Child First Aid app teaches parents medical advice in 17 different scenarios, from broken bones to bleeding. You and your child can watch videos, step-by-step instructions and animations, and then take take a test to find out how much you’ve learned from the app.

 “Help save your child’s life.
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Home Remedies (Plus)

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.04.55 PMPrice: Free

Sometimes, the solution to a sniffle or scratchy throat is right in your pantry or vegetable garden. Home Remedies (Plus) features solutions for over 100 ailments that you can put together yourself in your kitchen. You can also ask questions and have them answered by experts, and then share remedies across the social networks.

 “Create your own remedies!
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Mediclinic SA – News Feed

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Price: Free

Mediclinic South Africa has its own app providing medical advice from Mediclinic experts by gathering online content and social media feeds such as the Mediclinic info hub as well as its Twitter and Facebook feeds.

 “updates from a top healthcare provider
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WebMD Baby

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Price: Free

WebMD Baby is a great app for new parents and expectant moms. It guides you through each stage of pregnancy, helping you know what’s going with your body and your baby, what to do if there’s any cause for alarm and more. You can also use it once your baby has arrived to measure milestones, time your baby’ sleep patterns and store details such as height and weight measurements.

 “Ideal for expectant and new parents.
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*We do not recommend that you use these apps as your sole source of information or as a way to treat yourself, especially for serious medical emergencies, but rather as guidance and pointers. Always consult a doctor or head to your nearest hospital if the need arises.