In case you hadn’t heard yet or you’d given up on Destiny after finishing its single-player portion, there’s a loot-farming spot in Destiny that players have been exploiting for the past week or so.

I first read about it on Kotaku: you’ll find the spot once you’ve unlocked the whole of the Cosmodrome map (the place with the plane husks) via Patrols missions. It’s quite close to where you battle the wizard in the single-player campaign, in a cave in Skywatch, and it should be pretty easy to spot as there will probably be a crowd of players hanging around.

The area is the site of a never-ending battle between Hive and Fallen forces, meaning no matter how many of them you shoot there will always be more respawns. The cave you’re looking for is where Hive forces respawn.

That's the place.
That’s the place.

All you have to do is wait around and shoot the Thralls and Acolytes as they emerge from the cave (being sure to hang back far enough so your presence doesn’t disrupt the spawn), and then charge in and scoop up the loot. Rinse and repeat as many times as you like, or until you pick up a suitably epic Legendary engram, of which there will, apparently, be many.

Force Strategy Gaming has a video showing the technique on their YouTube channel:

While you can take part as a low-level player, this is something typically done by high-level players looking for better loot. Because, you know, in Destiny you need better loot to fight tougher enemies to get them to drop better loot so you can fight tougher enemies and so on and so forth.

Lower-level players can still participate – Kotaku says you’ll accumulate a lot of XP in a relatively short amount of time – but the benefits on offer are definitely more for high-level players searching for the elusive superior equipment that’ll help them progress beyond the game’s level cap.

Have you farmed this particular spot, and did you get appropriately epic gear? Let us know on the forum.

[Source – Kotaku, Image – Force Strategy Gaming]
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