Monsters & Medicine is an as-yet-unpublished puzzle game developed by local indie studio Clockwork Acorn that needs your help to get published on Steam. It’s currently on Steam’s Greenlight programme, awaiting your votes.

Greenlight lets independent developers show off their as-yet-unreleased games in order to find out if there’s enough support to warrant being sold through Steam. Should the game get enough votes from gamers who say they’d buy the game should it appear on Steam, it appears on Steam.

Your task in Monsters & Medicine is to manage the care of injured monsters through the building and expansion of a monster hospital, while more and more monsters queue up for treatment. Its graphics look quite cute, and the management aspect looks like it can probably get quite challenging as the complexity ramps up.

Check out the trailer below:

If you like what you see, or you’re just feeling patriotic in the wake of Heritage Day, head over to the game’s Steam Greenlight page and click the big YES button to indicate your support.

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