While the current ebola outbreak is one everyone’s lips, few people realise that malaria kills almost a million people each year, 85% of which are under 5 years old, according to the World Health Organisation.

So needless to say, the fight against malaria and other diseases common in Africa such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS need all the backing that it can get, and that is exactly why technology company SAP has pledged $4 million over the next four years, to the Global Fund.

“SAP is all about helping organisations simplify complexity so they can do anything – and it doesn’t get more complicated than fighting persistent and deadly diseases around the world,” said Pfungwa Serima, chief executive officer, SAP Africa.

Not only will SAP be proving financial help, but its knowledge of technology will assist the Global Fund to keep track of its financial investments into disease prevention and treatment.

“By providing our technology innovation and leadership, we can help the Global Fund extend their reach and effectiveness. This partnership shows how technology can revolutionise the healthcare industry and save lives.”

The Global Fund stressed the importance of fighting, and eventually eradicating, the diseases that plague Africa.

“AIDS, TB and malaria are still with us. And they are still a global public health threat. We have the tools, we have the knowledge, but we must not let efforts to fight these diseases slow. The world is at a tipping point: if we do not defeat the diseases now, the risk is that they will resurge in new and more powerful forms which we will not have the tools to fight. We must be the generation to defeat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria,” it wrote in a blog post.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Gates Foundation]
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