A patch for Battlefield 4 is out today that aims to fix the game’s most glaring outstanding issues, and deliver many of the features most frequently requested by the BF4 community.

Dubbed the “Fall patch”, the latest fix for Battlefield 4 weighs in at a whopping 1.16GB and lists a huge number of changes – far too many to list here. For the full list, See the full list over at the Battlefield Battlelog website, which you can find here.

The most important ones, and ones worth getting the most excited about, are about stabilising the game’s network code to address issues with lag leading to cheap deaths (finally!), adjusting player movement so that it feels “almost identical” to that of Battlefield 3 (but with Battlefield 4’s animations) and tweaking the “visual recoil” of close and medium-range guns. They’ve also tweaked the rules of the Obliteration game mode that has teams planting and defusing bombs competitively.

Of course, the developers promise to keep on refining, tweaking and balancing as time goes by, so this isn’t the last patch the game will get, but with a bit of luck it’ll sort out the majority of the gripes players still have with the game. I’ll definitely be firing my copy up tonight for a bit of a look-see.

The patch is live for PC as of right now, and if it hasn’t already rolled out for consoles, it will soon.

[Source, Image – Battlelog.Battlefield.com]
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