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Chrome for Android answers questions before you’ve finished asking

We’ve all become accustomed to Google pre-empting our search suggestions with a selection of often useful, sometimes hilarious, auto-suggestions. The latest feature included in Chrome for Android takes the prescient suggestion making to the next level by answering your questions before you’ve even finished typing them.

The feature, called ‘Answers in Suggest’, will allow Chrome to fetch answers to the questions it thinks you’re about to ask. From our initial play around with the feature, it seems that there is only a small selection of questions that it can answer including things like ‘What is the weather like in San Francisco?’ or ‘How old is Barack Obama?’ but not questions like ‘How many pounds in a kilogram?’ or the more locally relevant age request of ‘How old is Jacob Zuma?’.

Answers in Suggest is not automatically enabled on default in the latest version of the browser, but it’s not too difficult to turn it on either, just follow the steps below:

  • Open a new Chrome tab
  • Go to “chrome://flags” (without the quotation marks)
  • Tap on the menu button (three dots in the top right corner)
  • Select ‘Find in page’ and type “Answers in Suggest”
  • Tap on the drop down box for the ‘Answers in Suggest’ flag
  • Set it to ‘Enabled’
  • Restart Chrome

The feature is still experimental and not part of the full set of features enabled by default in Chrome, so expect some bugs when using it but for now enjoy playing around to see what kind of questions you can get answered.

Hopefully the feature will grow out and become a part of Chrome on all platforms in the near future.

[Source – OMGChrome , Via – Engadget]

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