The iPhone 6 could replace your credit card

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With a major event planned for the 9th of September, rumours are flying around as to what Apple will be announcing. And while a new iPhone is almost a certainty, the long rumoured iWatch/iTime smartwatch has also seen its fair share of the rumour mill in the build up to the even.

The biggest surprise to come could be a play for payment dominance the world over, with news that Visa, MasterCard and American Express have all been in talks with Apple.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the iPhone 6 will include, for the first time, a near field communication (NFC) chip which will work in conjunction with the TouchID fingerprint sensor that was introduced in the iPhone 5S to initiate and authenticate payments easily.

Apple has also long-held one vital part of the payments ecosystem, with more than 800 million iTunes accounts that already have credit cards linked to them. The only thing that had been stopping Apple from becoming one of the leaders in payments was the ability to create a device that could securely initiate and authenticate payments quicker, easier and better than a credit card could, a problem which the iPhone 6 might solve when it is announced next week.

The iPhone 6 is not the only player who can take advantage of this method of making payments. Payment gateway PayPal already has a deal in place with Samsung that allows the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5 to be used to authenticate payments and the Galaxy S5 also has an NFC chip inside it that could be used to initiate the payments in much the same way that the rumoured iPhone will.

While all of this is still just conjecture the Apple event is just eight days away from clearing it all up for us.

[Source – Bloomberg, Image – MasterCard]

David Greenway

David Greenway

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