Two of the year’s biggest releases in the smartphone world include the already-available flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S5, and the impending arrival of the next version of Google’s Android operating system, tentatively called Android L for now.

The only smartphones that we’ve seen running the next version of the operating system has been Google’s Nexus 5, made by LG, for which a preview version has been available since the day the operating system was announced at the company’s I/O conference.

So when this video surfaced today from SamMobile we immediately sat up and paid attention because for most people in South Africa, the Galaxy S5 will be the phone most likely to be seen by them and it shows the hordes of S5 owners what their smartphones will look like in a few short months.

The eight and a half minute long video is said to be an early build of Android L with Samsung’s TouchWiz cutomisations, but it shows off the various aspects of the OS from the initial start up screens all the way through to using the various applications as well as the new material design elements that come with Android L including iOS like lock screen notifications.

The look and feel on the whole is very similar to that of the current Android KitKat S5 with the same rounded icons in the quick setting menus but it’s encouraging to see the likes of Samsung already getting there ducks in a row for the release of Android L later this year.

[Source – SamMobile]
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