When the current powerhouses of console gaming launched their new platforms into the world last year, one particular piece of the puzzle was missing from both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One – the ability to play media files.

Plex is a name that should be familiar to anyone running a media server at home as it is one of the best ways to share media to tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and, as of yesterday, the Xbox One console as well, turning it from a regular ol’ next-gen gaming console into the PleXbox One.

Plex works by installing a server app on a PC or Mac and pointing it at the relevant media, TV series, movies, music etc. Plex then hunts down all of the metadata like cover art, snippets and uses it to beautify your library before allowing you to stream it to any device on your network using a Plex app (of which there are many).

The Xbox One Plex app has been designed to work with both the Xbox controller as well as the Kinect motion sensor, which allows for both gesture and voice control of media playback without the need to go hunting for your controller.

The Plex app for Xbox One is only available to Plex Pass subscribers for now, but should become a standalone app to purchase from the Xbox marketplace in good time as it is in Google Play and the iTunes app stores. Plex Pass subscriptions allow users to gain early access to new features as well as use other premium features like syncing media, like movies or TV shows, for offline use on tablets and smartphones. Plex Pass subscriptions cost $4.99 (R56) a month, $39.99 (R447) a year or $149.99 (R1 678) for a lifetime subscription.

An Xbox 360 app is also in the works and will be released later this year, once again to Plex Pass subscribers first and then to the general Xbox community.

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