If you have been taking screenshots and reposting the Instagram timelines of @FlyMangoSouthAfrica¬†or @Virgin_UK¬†hoping to get free tickets, stop it right now because it’s an old hoax that’s just resurfaced.

Various fake accounts posing as the two major airlines are promising people two free tickets to go anywhere they want if they hit follow, take a screenshot of their timeline and repost the photo onto their personal Instagram account.

Usually the account doesn’t feature any uploaded photos or videos (first sign that it’s fake) and more or less has the following written on its bio:

“First [number usually 2 000 and above] followers get 2 tickets to go anywhere in the world courtesy of [airline name]! Follow us, take a snapshot, post it and tag us.”


Every time the number of followers nears the number stated on the bio, the number conveniently changes and rises by about another 1 000.

Virgin Airlines recently shared this post warning users against the hoax:


It’s not clear what these fake accounts gain from the hoax as you’re not required to clink on any links that may contain malware or steal your personal information, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Mark Harkin]