It would appear that women in the gaming industry can no longer feel safe in their own homes.

Brianna Wu (@SpaceKatgal) a game developer from Boston in the US, who created the recently released Revolution 60 mobile game, was forced to flee her home last Friday after being on the receiving end of appalling rape threats and insults from a guy going by the username Death to Brianna (and the handle, @chatterwhiteman), Kotaku reports.

Below is a screenshot of some of the horrific tweets Wu has been receiving.

Screenshot (256)Back in August two other female game developers, Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, were forced to change their phone numbers and flee their homes after receiving numerous threats on social networks because of their work.

The @chatterwhiteman account has since being suspended and the Massachusetts police department is currently investigating the matter. Meanwhile, Wu is standing strong and said she will still make games and speak out despite threats from anyone.

Screenshot (258)

Screenshot (259)

Reports indicate that Wu and her husband have not yet returned home. You can read the full article on Kotaku.

[Source – Kotaku]