Consoles are great, but tedious if someone else wants to watch TV in the same room as you. If only there was a way to stream the video and controls from your console to another screen in the house using your existing WiFi network.

What’s that you say, Sony has been doing that with PlayStation TV in Japan for almost a year now? And it launched in the US this week? Well steady on, next you’ll be saying that South African PlayStation gamers will be able to get their hands on the little unit from 14th November – just in time for Christmas.

Hurrah! You can.

The official South African PlayStation website doesn’t list a price just yet, Ster Kinekor’s CEO of Entertainment, Mario dos Santos revealed that it should be around R1 500. For that, you will get the PS TV unit, an HDMI cable, an AC adapter, and an AC power cord.

According to Sony, you will be able to “stream a wide range of PS4 games from the PS4 system to your PlayStation TV via Remote Play over a local Wi-Fi or wired connection.” Essentially it means that you will be able to play PlayStation 4 over your local network from just about anywhere in your house, without having to physically be in front of your console.

The other benefit of PlayStation TV for international owners is that it also allows video on demand streaming through Sony Unlimited service: but sadly that won’t be available in South Africa just yet due to licensing issues.

The official website lists Worms Revolution Extreme, Velocity Ultra and OlliOlli as the three downloadable games that will come with the unit.

“Play a huge range of compatible PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS one games on your big-screen TV. It includes a digital download voucher for three PS Vita games, and enjoy innovative features and technology, exclusive to PS4 and packed into one sleek micro-console,” the website explains.

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