Remember Powers, an upcoming TV show about people with super powers starring local actor Sharlto Copley that we wrote about back in August?

Well, Sony released a new trailer for the show at the New York Comic Convention over the weekend, and it’s looking pretty good. If you like grit, violence and swearing, that is.

Because it’s being released exclusively via the PlayStation Network in the US, the series doesn’t have to abide by the rules that affect regular television networks so it doesn’t hold back. If you’ve seen shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones and Californication, you’ll know that pay-network TV series are happy to explore mature, dark narrative themes, and that pretty much anything goes, and that’s exactly what the Powers trailer demonstrates.

Sony appears to be keen to push boundaries with the show, which airs in December and has some pretty dark characters, including villains that are even more warped than your average comic book bad guy. Copley’s character, Detective Christian Walker, doesn’t come across as particularly likeable in the trailer either, but that should make for interesting story-telling and, hopefully, compelling TV drama.

While Powers is exclusive to the PlayStation Network in the US, Engadget said back in March that Sony will treat it like any other show when it comes to airing it in other territories, so expect to see it offered to DSTV and other TV services just like any other big-name TV show.

Here’s the trailer, but just be warned it’s not exactly work- or kid-friendly.

[Source – Engadget]
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