Online video streaming service Vidi only launched in South Africa in the beginning of last month, but it has already added more local content to its collection. As part of its monthly subscription model, the service has included The Learning Channel.

The Learning Channel, well-known to school-goers over the years, is the SABC TV series which covered almost every subject and grade, as well as prepping viewers for upcoming exams.

“Coming out of the educational series that aired on SABC television, The Learning Channel also offers free downloadable workbooks for matric subjects, as well as interactive video tutorials in a comprehensive list of subjects,” explains the channel’s website.

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The Learning Channel is of the opinion that education is the gateway to many things, and that it should be a top priority for everyone.

“We believe that education has the power to uplift communities and create successful graduates that will become economic and social contributors to their communities. Educating our youth is a national responsibility – shared by government, corporates, schools, teachers and individuals.”

While The Learning Channel has some videos up on its website (it’s primarily an online shopping portal for educational DVDs, literacy guides, etc.) users will be able to view its extensive collection of educational videos as part of the R149 monthly Vidi subscription.

The Learning Channel and Vidi are both owned by Times Media Group.

[Image – YouTube/Casper de Vries]
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