It’s a constant refrain at tech conferences that while the internet is a great tool for helping people out of poverty, in rural Africa (or Asia or South America) radio and voice calls are the only real tools for communication. But what if you could combine the two and adapt the modern internet to work, basically, without the internet?

That’s more or less what Gram Vaani has achieved in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and it also operates in South Africa and Namibia too. The organisation develops software for managing community radio stations and managing social interactions for its two million users over the internet as well as voice calls.

It’s all very clever, but to find out exactly how it works we’re going to point you in the direction of MWOT TV, the mini-series about tech currently being shown on CNBC Africa to tie in with the My World of Tomorrow exhibition which kicks off in the Sandton Convention Centre on Thursday (and runs until Friday).

Episode three, featuring Gram Vaani as well as MotionSavvy – a mobile device for the deaf – is on tonight at 21.15. If you missed it, episode two is below. is a media partner for My World of Tomorrow.