We’re ¬†out and about tonight at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch and just as we thought that Samsung were done with releasing new stuff they showed us the one thing we were most hoping would be here, the Galaxy Note Edge, one of the first changes to the smartphone status quo in the last few years.

While the Galaxy Edge shares most of its internals with the Galaxy Note 4, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, it has one critical difference over its large-screened brethren that being the curved edge of its display the extends the front of its display onto the side, creating a second display area where shortcuts, controls and other useful information like stock tickers and notifications able to take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

We had a chance to get our mits on the Note edge, which we have wanted to do since we first saw January 2013’s YOUM prototype at CES. In hand it feels extremely light de to its full plastic frame and thin profile. The two parts of the display are fully segmented from each other allowing each to be manipulated individually, it’s something that’s simple to use once you understand how it works, but as we observed with other using the phone for the first time, it can be extremely confusing to first time users.

Once mastered it does become truly useful with apps able to take control of the extra screen area to give additional inputs like camera controls in the camera app and media control buttons in the music app.

We’re excited to get hold of one when it eventually is released in the country next year, hopefully along with some pricing to find out how much that lovely curbed display will cost us.

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