Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two of 2014’s most anticipated smartphones, are set to hit South African shores later this month. But while pre-orders for the phones have opened through various mobile operators, no price point has been provided – until now.

Core Group, the official distributor of Apple products in South Africa, hasn’t announced any official price yet, but has been able to independently verify with sources close to the matter that the entry-level iPhone 6 will go for R12 500.

“We cannot confirm the pricing [in the media] at this stage as iStore does not have the confirmed pricing,” Core told The same sentiment has been echoed by mobile operator Vodacom, who also said they can’t comment on pricing at this stage.

Technology news website MyBroadband cited its source as being retailer Incredible Connection, who has in the meantime refuted its claim on the pricing. “Since there is no listing on our system at the moment, the information you obtained is not accurate. It might be a good guess though,” a spokesperson told the publication.

Our sources, on the other hand, say that the base iPhone 6 Plus, which comes with 16GB of storage, will retail for R14 000. Additional pricing that has been confirmed to is as follows:

* iPhone 6 64G: R13 999

* iPhone 6 128GB: R14 999

* iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: R15 499

* iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: R16 999

Note that the pricing is the cash price. Contract pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but will more than likely be announced the closer we get to the official October 24th release date.

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