Tonight is the local launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and we have some early news before we get into the official details surrounding the latest phablet from the South Korean electronics giant. According to an source Opera Software, makers of the browser of the same name, are announcing a partnership with Samsung tonight at the launch event that should see the company’s Opera Max data compression app preloaded on Samsung smartphones in 2015.

The app, which is already available in the Google Play Store, claims to save users as much as 50% of their data by compressing photos, video and text on most apps that are installed on the average user’s Android smartphone.

The Opera Max app also allows for granular control over data usage of the other apps on your phone and generated reports over which apps are using your mobile data plan, showing when in the day the app accessed your data connection and how much of it they’re using every month. It can even prevent apps from being able to use mobile data at all forcing them to use WiFi to update instead.

Frequent travellers can also benefit from the app by taking advantage of the fact that it can detect when you’ve roamed onto another network and preventing all data usage to remove the threat of bill shock from the international travel experience.


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