The idea of Twitter including suggested tweets from people you don’t follow on your timeline didn’t go down well with many people who like the social media service because it’s personalised – you choose who to follow (or not).

But according to Twitter, this is actually what users want.

“We recently ran experiments that showed different types of content in your timeline: recommended Tweets, accounts and topics,” the company writes in a blog post “Testing indicated that most people enjoy seeing Tweets from accounts they may not follow, based on signals such as activity from accounts you do follow.”

Twitter doesn’t indicate when and how the experiments were conducted and with how many people: “We’ve tested various features with small groups of our 200 million users before determining what we’ll release,” Twitter says in an older blog post.

No matter how many users protest against these Facebook-like features, Twitter says you should expect to see more suggested tweets on your timeline. The end.

“Some timeline experiments never make it to 100% of users. The ones that do aim to make the experience more interesting and relevant. As the timeline evolves, we will continue to show you Tweets you care about when they matter most,” the blog post concludes.

[Source – Twitter Blog, Image – CC 2.0 by Esther Vargas]