The battle for ISP supremacy continues as OpenWeb has again cut the price of its shaped uncapped ADSL product in a bid to convince customers to move away from its competitor ISPs. The new products start at R99 for an uncapped 1Mbps connection and go up to R399 for a 10Mbps maximum connection speed.

The new prices place OpenWeb’s products well below most of their competitors with the likes of MWEB, the first ISP to offer an uncapped bandwidth package in 2010, whose current price for a 2Mbps uncapped line is now R50 a month more expensive than the competition. OpenWeb is also including the ability for lines to run unshaped from midnight to 7AM every day which it calls ‘Download Heaven’ to allow full line speed usage for peer-to-peer downloads and similar shaped services.

OpenWeb has been open to trialing new products in South Africa with its hybrid capped/uncapped accounts that it launched in July a clear indication that it’s looking to wrestle market share away from its competitors.

For those looking for the exact prices of the OpenWeb’s new uncapped accounts they are as follows:

  • R99 – 1Mbps uncapped
  • R149 – 2Mbps uncapped
  • R249 – 4Mbps uncapped
  • R299 – 6Mbps uncapped
  • R399 – 10Mbps uncapped

OpenWeb will be offering new customers who sign up for any of the shaped, uncapped packages the rest of the month of October for free to try it out against their current ISP.

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