Sharon Rowlands knows quite a bit about running big organisations. Having been the CEO of four companies, she is now the head of US online marketing company, ReachLocal. So when she gives out a few tips to other women in business on becoming a CEO, you may want to take down a few notes.

In her blog on the Huffington Post, Rowlands writes: “I’ve been CEO of four large companies over the last decade — all in technology and finance, fields that many consider to be male-dominated industries. In part, I attribute my success to the fact that I had great opportunities and great champions along the way, but I also worked to develop skills that I saw were necessary for a seat in the corner office.”

“I want to share some of the knowledge I gained along the way, in hopes that it will help those women who aspire to be CEOs or high-level executives.”

Rowlands’ three top tips for women in business are:

  • Manage a sales force at least once in your career.
  • Learn your way around a balance sheet and a computer.
  • Build your network.

You can read the full article on the Huffington Post.

[Source – Huffington Post, Image – Shutterstock]