Apple iPhone 5S

iphone5sWedded to iOS but not tempted by the iPhone 6? That’s OK, because while it may be more than a year old already, the iPhone 5s is still a fantastic high-end smartphone even with its successors, the large display toting iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’, imminent arrival on our shores. The classic squared off edges of the iPhone 5s’ frame and the fact that it is small enough to be easily used with one hand will still appeal to many smartphones buyers.

The good news is that the 64-bit A7 processor will still be able to easily keep up with modern smartphone computing requirements and Apple hasn’t updated the RAM from 1GB in the latest generation of phones. The camera is still as good today as it was when we first tested the iPhone 5s and produces some of the best pictures of any smartphone.

On every other device with a fingerprint reader, it’s a bar-type sensor that required the user to slide their finger across its surface. Apple’s TouchID uses a far more elegant approach, implementing the sensor into the sapphire crystal home button. No sliding of fingers, and consequently dropping phones. You just hold your print in place and it gets read in around half a second – it really beats every other sensor by a mile.

Critically you should start to see some incredible deals on the iPhone 5s now that the replacement is on the way, so if you were looking for the best tie to get an iPhone 5s and you aren’t interested in the larger size iPhone 6s’ coming then this is the time to be buying one.

Price: from R9 999
“The last of the small iPhones.” 

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