Phoney price wars, RICA and media freedom have all been issues that that the Right2Know Campaign has made a priority in the past, but there is one topic that has grabbed their attention in the last couple of year – secrecy.

“South Africa is facing a crisis of secrecy. Whether as applied to the arms deal, Nkandla, the proposed nuclear programme, etolls, etc, a veil of secrecy is being thrown up to prevent the public’s right to know. As a result, we are faced with parallel crisis of corruption at all levels in both the public and private sectors, of accountability and ultimately, of our democracy,” it said in a media statement.

The organisation’s Gauteng branch is on a mission to broaden the public’s understanding of all the secrecy issues that South Africa has been challenged with, and will be hosting a public dialogue on the matter in Meadowlands Zone 3, Soweto tomorrow (25th October).

Entitled How Secrecy Affects Our Lives, the public talk will be attended by the Public Protector’s Office’s Dinkie Dube, Torien van Wyk from the SA History Archive, Sibongile Mtshali from Corruption Watch, and Jayshree Pather from the Right2Know Campaign.

From 10am, the talk will be held at the Bapedi Community Hall opposite Meadow Point.

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