One of the most popular smartphones of the year, Samsung’s Galaxy S5, will be getting the update to the latest version of desert-flavoured goodness from Google before the year is out. That’s according to the very reliable people over at SamMobile who have been in contact with their sources inside the South Korean company (also the folks behind the first look at what Samsung’s take on Android 5.0 would look like when it does get released).

All versions of Android are named in sequential alphabetical order, the latest version 5.0 recently having been dubbed Lollipop set to make its appearance on several flagship handsets from the world’s major smartphone manufacturers as well as the company’s latest Nexus devices, the new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablets made by Motorola and HTC respectively.

Android 5.0 is the first major update to the Android platform since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011. Lollipop brings with it a host of enhancements and a new design language which Google has called Material Design.

The biggest change under the hood in Android Lollipop is from the old Dalvik runtime to the new Android runtime (ART), which promises to ramp up performance and unlock 64-bit computing for Android smartphones and tablets.

While Samsung will start the global roll out of Lollipop in December, the usual issues surrounding network verification could see the launch delayed for your particular handset by a few weeks and perhaps months so expect to be running the new shiny OS sometime in early 2015 in SA.

[Source – SamMobile]