The idea of never seeing an advert popping up on YouTube again probably sounds like a good idea, right? But would you pay for the ads to go away? According to YouTube head Susan Wojcicki, ad-free paid subscriptions are what the company is currently looking at.

Wojcicki was talking at the Recode Code/Mobile conference this week where she said that although YouTube does make money from ads, a lot of users don’t want to see them.

“With apps, users can either choose ads, or pay a fee, which is an interesting model. … We’re thinking about how to give users options,” Wojcicki said. ““We’ve been thinking about other ways it might make sense for us [at YouTube]. We’re early in that process, but if you look at media over time, most of them have both ads and subscription services.”

Wojcicki’s career experience includes leading the advertising and analytics team at Google, as well as working on projects like Google AdSense, AdWords and DoubleClick.

Pushing advertising while also increasing YouTube’s money-making strategy move is exactly what analysts predicted as the reason behind Wojcicki’s appointment at YouTube back in February, so the move isn’t surprising at all.

[Source – Recode, Image – Shutterstock]