It’s one of the most exciting things happening in tech at the moment, it’s Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone and it works on the premise of being able to change individual components out of your phone for new components just by plugging them together, just like LEGO blocks.

Project ARA was originally part of Motorola, but has since been taken over by Google itself after the company announced the sale of Motorola to Lenovo earlier in the year.

Yesterday the guy who made the original viral video calling for phone modularity, PHONEBLOKS, went through to the ARA lab to see the latest version of the prototype which is now functional – you can see it boot into Android and go into a few of the menus albeit rather slowly – compared to the last time we saw it at Google I/O when it kept freezing.

The video shows off the current prototype called ‘Spiral 1’ which only has about 50% of the space in each module available to a developer to work with because the other half is taken up by the parts that allow the modular chips to integrate into the ARA platform. ‘Spiral 2’, which will be at the first Project ARA developer conference on January 14th next year, has a new set of customised modularity chips built by Toshiba which should allow for most of the module to be freed up for developers to tinker with.

We cannot wait to get out hands on one of the large ARA frames and a whole set of modules to play with as soon as it becomes a commercially available product.

[Via – TechCrunch, Image – PHONBLOKS]
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