It seems like every tech company is getting in on the wearables craze and that list of big firms now includes Microsoft, who have just outed their latest creation, the Microsoft Band. The Band, much like the Jawbone UP24, is made to be worn 24/7 but has a multiple day battery life according to Microsoft, something that other wearables have been struggling with of late.

The Band has integrated GPS for tracking distance and pace for runners and cyclists and has a built in, always-on heart rate sensor to keep constant track of your body’s ticker. Along with you heart rate, the Band also monitors and transmits steps taken, calories burned as well as quality and duration of sleep and a personal UV index for good measure. It can also guide you through an exercise program with on screen prompts to begin the next exercise and how long your rest between sets is.

Being a smart watch type accessory, the Band does the basics like telling the time and notifying you of incoming tweets, emails and the like on its inward facing display, which Microsoft has said is perfectly readable in the bright outdoors.

The Band also connects to the Microsoft Health apps for Windows Phone, iOS and Android with a Microsoft Band Sync app for Mac which were all uploaded before the Band was officially announced yesterday.

The Health app links up with other services like Jawbone’s UP, MapMyFitness and Runkeeper which all feed data into the Microsoft Health Intelligence Engine which then spits out useful health information for you like how long you need to recover after your last workout or how much sleep you should be getting.

[Image – Microsoft]