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Capture 360-degrees of action with Kodak’s action camera

Photographic company Kodak has had a rocky past couple of years with its famous camera and movie film business, but that does not mean that the company is down and out. While film producer Quinton Tarantino is trying to revive the use of traditional film, Kodak has now shifted its focus onto a new action camera.

The SP360 Action camera, is as the name implies, a camera that is able to capture 360-degrees of action in full HD in five different shooting modes, ranging from a dome setup to a panorama and an image ring.

“With a unique 360º curved lens, the SP360 allows you to select multiple viewing modes to capture various vantage points of what you love to do,” Kodak explains on its website.

Just as with most action cameras, the little yellow box can also be operated through the use of a smartphone, similar to the GoPro app. “Use the SP360 with or without your smart device and see firsthand just how flexible it is to use. With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, you call the shots. Set the lens where you want it and take your phone with you.”

In terms of shooting power, it uses a 16 megapixel MOS sensor, can shoot at 10 frames per second in multi-burst mode, can also be activated through the use of the motion-activation setting, and has the functionality to capture time-lapse as well.

“The SP360 gives you more of what you want. More clarity, more brilliance and more vivid videos, that bring your favourite videos and still shots to life,” Kodak explained.

Have a look at the video below to get a good feel what how the 360-degree capturing works:

[Source – Kodak]

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