Mailbox for Mac is now open to everyone

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One of our favourite mobile email clients is Mailbox. It started out as an iOS exclusive before making its way to Android early this year, eventually becoming a closed beta for Mac OS X users in August.

The good news for those who have not had access to the beta yet is that everyone can now download and use the Mailbox for Mac app.

Mailbox works on the principal of getting you to inbox zero by forcing you to only have four options for each email: archive, delete, keep for later, or add to a list for later. It’s extremely effective and for those people who find it works for them, Mailbox becomes the only way that you can deal with email for the rest of time.

Mailbox currently only works for Gmail and iCloud so those who use exchange, POP or IMAP accounts may want to steer clear of Mailbox for the time being.

One of the best features of having Mailbox for Mac is that you can snooze an email on your smartphone until you’re back on your desktop at which point it will show up again for you to deal with. And since Dropbox bought out Mailbox your settings and mail accounts are all carried across as soon as you sign into your Mailbox account from any device.

Mailbox is available for iOS in the iTunes app store and for Android smartphones and tablets in Google Play.

[Source – Mailbox, Via – The Verge]



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