Reddit is now a news source on Google

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While browsing for something on Google, you might have noticed lately that you are getting different sources in the ‘In the news’ section, other than the usual news mediums. That is because Google has now included a bunch of other websites as news – including Reddit.

Previously, the ‘In The News’ section was populated only be content that has already appeared in Google’s News section of the search results, and from news sources that have been reviewed and approved by Google.

But now virtually any site that relates to your search will have a chance to pop up in your news feed, even if they aren’t verified or approved by Google, as is the case with Reddit and Yoast.

Reddit is an community-driven news websites, and while most of it is family-friendly, it does have a dark side.


A Google spokesperson confirmed the new inclusions to Search Engine Land, and said that the move was made so that it can ensure users will always get the right answer, or the answer that they are looking for.

“We will be pulling from all over the web which means that we will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to ensure we get users to the answer they are looking for. We are always working to give our users the best possible answer to their question. That might come in the form of a video, a press release, a blog, a photo, a social media post or a news article.”

But as Search Engine Land points out, including different sources in the news results will have some unintended and rather unsavoury consequences.

“It’s not that traditional news sources wouldn’t drop an F-bomb in a headline, but it’s far more rare. Opening up the news box to more than traditional news sources certainly will give the section more variety, and perhaps make it even more timely, but it may also come with more unexpected surprises for Google.”



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