In September this year teen Nadav Ossendryver was crowned as the South African with the most views on video streaming service YouTube. Today, he has once again proven why he is the undisputed king of content in South Africa.

With a total of 80 million views by the end of August, Ossendryver’s ‘Latest Sightings’ YouTube channel has managed to add another 20 million views to the play ticker, pushing him over the ceremonial 100 million mark this morning – 100 127 128 views to be exact.

The channel hosts wildlife videos captured in the Kruger National Park, some with stunning footage of animal behaviour while his Twitter account tracks the movement of animals to alert followers of possible sightings.

While almost all of Ossendryver’s videos have thousands of views, there are a few exceptions: the most viewed clip has almost 36 million views, the second most popular one has nine-and-a-half million views, while the third most popular video has almost seven million views.

The 13 most popular videos on his channel all have over a million views, with the following clips tapering off from 900 000 to around 500 000.

“Ossendryver is an example to big brand marketers of how to build a community through compelling content. It also proves that one individual with a powerful vision can achieve what even the biggest marketing budgets cannot,” said Arthur Goldstuck, managing director at World Wide Worx.

[Image – Nadav Ossendryver/Facebook]
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