Google is not just another tech company making a donation to fight ebola. Not only are they contributing $15 million (R151 million) to the cause, they’re taking their fundraising a step further by offering to donate $2 for every $1 donated by the public.

“$10 million will be deployed immediately to help: 1) treat those who are ill, 2) stop the spread of the disease, and 3) aid in recovery and the rebuilding of health systems. It includes $500 000 in employee matching funds (currently at $275 000 donated). $5 million will be used to unlock public donations in a double match campaign,” said the search giant.

The $10 million donation will be used to support non-profits such as InSTEDDInternational Rescue Committee, Medecins Sans Frontieres, NetHope, Partners in Health, Save the Children and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

“These organizations are doing remarkable work in very difficult circumstances to help contain this outbreak, and we hope our contribution will help them have an even greater impact,” Google CEO Larry Page wrote in a blog post.

Page’s own foundation, the Carl Victor Page Memorial fund, will also contribute $15M towards ebola.

Donations can be made on Google’s Fight ebola website.

[Image – Fight ebola]