Two of the mobile industry’s biggest names, Samsung and BlackBerry have struck an agreement that will see Samsung offering its enterprise customers BlackBerry’s BES12 device management software. BlackBerry will offer Samsung’s Knox software which allows users to switch between personal and work profiles to lock down sensitive information on smartphones.

BlackBerry’s rise and fall is as well documented as Samsung’s ascension to the pinnacle of the smartphone world, but with an agreement announced last night the two companies have a chance to use each other’s strongest assets for mutual benefit.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 is the latest version of BlackBerry’s enterprise device management software which allowed IT managers to control employees BlackBerry smartphones as well as those running Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone as well as the Android operating system that Samsung’s Galaxy Phones run on. BES12 replaces BES10 a version of he software that could manage other smartphones besides for the company’s own BlackBerry phones but was not as effective at doing so.

As part of the deal Samsung will be offering the corporate customers it approaches the BES12 software to manage all of the company’s smartphones and tablets which, Samsung would then have a major part in supplying.

BlackBerry still has a reputation for secure corporate software solutions which Samsung can use to drive sales of its Galaxy products in the corporate space which is an area that the company has traditionally struggled with and could be the area of growth that could change the direction of Samsung’s flagging profits.

[Via – WSJ]