The Latest Sightings YouTube channel is one of the most popular in South Africa, and it has the numbers to back it up – it recently crossed the 100 million views marker with just over 90 000 subscribers.

Besides the 430 000 views a day, the channel also announced recently that one of its community members have earned around R100 000 in total from one video. In August, Gert de Koker was handed over a cheque for R21 965 as part of YouTube’s Partnership Programme through Latest Sightings.

“The fantastic growth of our YouTube channel has taken us by surprise! Even more exciting has been the fact that this growth has started to earn Latest Sightings some money. Naturally we could not have achieved any of this success without you, our loyal followers, and so we believe it only right to offer you the opportunity to share in that financial success!” the channel explains on the website.

de Koker’s video (below) of a lion male showing a couple of tourist children why he is king of the Savannah has over 37 million views, and is one of Latest Sightings most viewed clips.

Anyone with a wildlife video you can submit it to Latest Sightings. And if you’re heading to the Kruger National Park, you can also also download the new Latest Sightings mobile application which allows visitors in the game park to share sightings in real time.

“The app enriches visitor’s game sighting experiences and enhances your chance to see the game you initially set out for. In addition to this, it is a great way to make new friends within the Park, with similar interests,” Latest Sightings explained.

[Source – Latest Sightings]
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