Gumtree is one of South Africa’s biggest online classifieds and shopping services and its smartphone apps are equally as popular. However, a large number of South Africans who don’t own smartphones can’t access the app, which is why Gumtree has launched Gumtree Lite for feature phones.

Gumtree’s MD Johan Nel says the company decided to take a close look at its customers and the mobiles they were using to access the Gumtree mobisite.

“Our previous was hugely successful… Analysis revealed that the feature phone audience was larger than anticipated and we wanted to ensure that every customer – no matter how basic their phone – would have an excellent user experience,” Nel said.

“We looked at all of the key learnings from our m-site and made it even lighter, allowing for faster uploading of pictures and ads, easy navigation and an improved experience all around,” Nel explained adding that Gumtree Lite pages are less than 10kbs in size.

“The smaller the page, the faster – and cheaper – the experience.”

[Source – IT Online, Image – Windows Store]