A heavy dose of futuristic war tech appears to have infected the last DLC pack for Battlefield 4, and for good reason: it’s all about the conclusion of the 2020 war, the formation of the Pan-Asian Coalition and the beginnings of the high-tech warfare that eventually becomes Battlefield 2142’s full-on sci-fi weaponry.  No mechs quite yet, though.

The DLC is called Last Stand, and it features four new multiplayer maps set in Russia. The new trailer EA has put out has it looking more Call of Duty than Call of Duty, and since I loved this year’s COD, that’s a very good thing indeed.

Judge for yourself:

And yes, that’s a hovertank. Crazy, right?

The expansion offers BF4’s now-typical deformable levels (four of them), new weapons including an experimental rail gun called the Rorsch X1 alongside new vehicles like the snowmobile and pod launcher. In case you’re wondering, a pod launcher shoots terrified infantry across the map in armoured pods. Awesome!

All four maps are set in Russia, and expect to see some pretty inventive design. DICE appears to have put in a lot of work to make these maps utterly spectacular, and that video has me thinking they have succeeded, especially the bit where soldiers must out-run the blast of a rocket engine test-fire.

There is a caveat, however: Final Stand is out for Premium members today, and everyone else must wait until December 2nd. If you can’t wait, you’ll have to cough up for Premium access which will set you back R499, but on the bright side you’ll get Final Stand along with four other DLC packs full of maps, weapons and vehicles, averaging them all out to a hundred bucks a pop, which really isn’t bad.

[Source – Battlefield YouTube Channel]
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