The PlayStation TV is out today, and you can grab it for R1 499 on its own or for R2 199 as part of a bundle that pairs it with a DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4. Since DS4 controllers go for around nine hundred bucks each, the bundle will save you R200 or so. You can grab a PlayStation TV from most big-name tech retailers.

So what is it, exactly? PlayStation TV is a tiny piece of kit – seriously it’s smaller than a 2.5-inch portable hard drive – that uses Sony’s Remote Play technology to stream PlayStation 4 games to a TV that isn’t attached to your PlayStation 4, and it does it over your home network’s connection, and it has a wired Ethernet port as well as WiFi connectivity.

So when the primary TV in your home is occupied, you can just stream the PS4’s output to another television set hooked up to the PS TV. That should solve the problem of family members squabbling over who does what and when.

But the PS TV is not just a streamer for PS4 games: it also lets you play certain compatible PlayStation Vita and PSP titles on that secondary TV. To make sure everyone who buys a PS TV benefits, Sony has thrown in a voucher for three downloadable PS Vita games:

  • Worms Revolution Extreme
  • OlliOlli
  • Velocity Ultra

1GB of built-in storage comes standard, but if you want more you’ll need to buy a PS Vita memory card as the slot uses Sony’s proprietary PS Vita card format. On the bright side, if you already own a Vita and you have games saved to your cards, you’ll be able to play those through the PS TV.

We’ve received one to test, and will have more once we’ve spent some time with it.

[Source – Ster Kinekor Press Release]
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