A little while back, a bit of creative data-mining revealed (via VG247) that Bungie has plans to let players swing swords in Destiny’s upcoming downloadable content pack, The Dark Below, which is out in December. Now, the presence of swords has been confirmed by the official reveal of the expansion, taking the form of a developer diary posted exclusively on Gameinformer, which shows them in action. Click the link to see the video.

Ironic for a game that’s all about the shooting, one of Destiny’s most popular story missions has players swinging a really powerful sword in a segment that lasts for less than a minute on average. Players love it, and are always gunning to be the one who gets to wield the sword because, as Dave puts it, “it’s just so cool”.

The mission in question is called the Sword of Crota, and it happens on the Moon: players must get their hands on the sword – a powerful Hive relic that has slain many Guardians in its time – and use it to take down three Hive princes and a bunch of regular units. Beating the mission drains the sword of its power meaning it can no longer be used, returning players to Destiny’s gunplay.

Given the positive response from players, it makes sense that Bungie would take the opportunity presented by Destiny’s two proposed expansions to take the idea further, and that’s exactly what they will be doing.

The Dark Below, the first of the two, drops on the 9th of December, and Charlie and Dave – our office’s two resident Destiny fans who still tell me “it’s not a great game but I just can’t stop playing!” – are very much looking forward to it.

[Source – Gameinformer, VG247]
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