Local transport service, GoMetro certainly seems to be on a lucky streak of late. Not only did they win a Meffy in San Francisco, they’ve just scooped another another international award.

GoMetro recently won silver at Get in the Ring, a global startup competition dubbed the “startup Olympics” in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Ten teams from around the world participated in the even and after deliberation by the judges, GoMetro tied with the eFishery app from Indonesia for the top spot, with the audience vote swinging in favour of the latter competitor.

“Winning a MEF award for Best Innovation in a Growth Market in San Francisco on Wednesday, and coming in Silver at the Olympics for Startups in Rotterdam has validated the global applicability and need for our app – and it is now all engines ahead for internationalization,” said Justin Coetzee, CEO of GoMetro.

“Our first port of call is to go where we’re most wanted, like Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and Turkey – hopefully one of those will click in the next 12 months,” he added.