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[DEALS] 3D printing bargains at CAD House’s stock clearance sale

Looking for a 3D print-related bargain in the run up to Christmas? Might be you need to look no further. There’s a few days left in the stock clearance sale over at additive manufacturing specialist CAD House, and it’s well worth checking out.

Over at the Centurion-based online retailer’s store there’s a Wanhao Duplicator 4 and 4X machines (basically RepRap derivatives) going from just R11 475 plus VAT, and you can add a second extruder for multi-colour printing for less than R1 000. There’s also a good deal on the sense 3D scanner – for building your own models from real-world objects – which is down to R5 700 too.

Personally, it’s the reduction of filament rolls to R250 per kilo that’ll see me stocking up in time for the holidays, and the handheld 3D printing pen (image below) – which lets you ‘draw’ models freehand in mid air – looks like it wins for novelty value at R1 402.50.

Check out the full sale here.

Draw your 3D models in mid air.
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