For $1 million, you can buy the last surviving Apple-1 PC

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Next to Bill Gates and Microsoft, the person who has been one of the most influential in the world of technology was the late Steve Jobs and Apple. Going head-to-head with Gates many decades ago to capture the early days of the PC market, Jobs created the Apple-1… and you can now own the last surviving unit known to have belonged to Jobs himself.

The unit was bought from Jobs by Charles Ricketts in the hey-day of the PC explosion in the US, and it is estimated that the Apple-1 will be sold for $1 million – while it is listed by auction house Christies as going on the block for $400 000 – $600 000.

“The Ricketts Apple-1 is fully operational, having been serviced and started by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen in October 2014. Mr. Cohen ran the standard original software program, Microsoft BASIC, and also an original Apple-1 Star Trek game in order to test the machine,” Christies explained.

Not only will you get the Apple-1 for your hard-earned cash, you will also receive the $600 cancelled cheque that Ricketts made out to Jobs in 1976, labelled as “Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents’ garage in Los Altos”.

This cheque, and a second $139 one, were “later used as part of the evidence for the City of Los Altos to designate the Jobs family home at 2066 Crist Drive as a Historic Resource, eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and copies can be found in the Apple Computer archives at Stanford University Libraries.”

[Source – Christies, Image – CC by 2.0/Ed Uthman]



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