Loadshedding: Maps of the power out schedules for Tshwane and Cape Town

It’s no consolation to Joburgers who’ve been without power today that loadshedding wasn’t the culprit, especially as Eskom still hasn’t revised its statement that there may well be planned power outs later this week. On Monday, we were told that Wednesday and Thursday were highest risk for loadshedding, and that advice hasn’t changed as far as we know.

//Update 5/11 – Eskom has said this morning that it no longer expects loadshedding this week, but the grid still remains vulnerable.

When loadshedding occurs, it’s done according to a schedule that’s based on area and time of day. Eskom’s site is actually a paragon of information dissemination, showing you exactly what the plans are for your suburb in easy steps. Municipal power suppliers, on the other hand, are terrible at making the same information clear – Buffalo City’s scanned PDF of loadshedding schedules doesn’t even include times of the day.

Yesterday we turned Johannesburg’s City Power schedules into a handy map. Today we’ve done the same with the City of Tshwane’s tables. And while we’re at it, we’ll remind you of Johann du Toit’s excellent interactive of Cape Town’s loadshedding plans which we’ve covered before.That’s available over here.

The map below is easy to use: click on a spot near your home and you should see what Tshwane’s plans are for loadshedding in your area. There are three times per location, depending on whether Eskom has entered sstage one, two or three states of emergency (you can find out what stage the grid is at over here).

We should also point out that the map may not be 100% reliable and is based on data over which we have no control.It may contain mistakes which we can’t be held liable for.

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